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Children (3-17) $11.50
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Preschool - Third Grade Classes

Exhibits-To-Go Programming



Grades 4-6

Elementary school is a critical time when children start to embrace and feel challenged by subjects they explore in their classrooms. With experienced educators who use tools that aren't typically seen in classrooms, to subject matter that actively engages students and sparks inquiry, Exhibits-To-Go and Workshop programming is crafted specifically for elementary school students.

Life Sciences

Paleontologist: Finding Fossil Evidence
How do scientists know about thinks that lived so long ago: This program introduces geologic time and the methods scientists use to determine when things happened and how old they are!

Earth & Space Science

Mineral Detectives
Become a mineral detective by investigating the shine, colors and hardness of common stones. Discover the many uses and find out why we need to have all those minerals lying around.

Soil Rocks
Worms! Students will have an opportunity to discover why worms help move the earth. We will delve into the importance of soil and how it can be detrimental if we don't take proper care of it. Issues such as farming practices, erosion, and many other factors that help and hurt the soil. Students will observe and learn about how rocks play a part in earth development in the past and how we date our earth through rock formation as well.

T.R.A.S.H. [Take Responsible Action at School and Home]
Did you know that the USS New York was built with 24 tons of steel from the fallen World Trade Center? Students will learn where our trash goes, what it can become and how to put trash in its place by reusing it in a fun, interactive way. This exhibit is brought to you with assistance from the Montgomery County Solid Waste District.


Clear the Air
Introduce your students to the negative effects of tobacco in a new, dynamic way. This anti-smoking program uses dramatic role-play and interactive experiences. Emphasis will be on immediate, long-tern effects of tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke.

Food, Fitness and Fun
Students will see how to brighten their day with colorful foods and experience fun aspects of eating, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. With direction from the Children's Medical Center, this class will alert the students to an alarming trend in America – obesity. Proper food choices, portion control and exercise will be offered as solutions to this problem.

No Bones About It (grade 4 only)
With the help of a life-size skeleton, students will learn what makes us grow up safe, healthy and fir. Students will examine X-Rays and bones and learn about their structure and function. Each student will make their own jointed skeleton.

How often are we hearing about the dangers of Ultra-Violet rays? Through fun glasses and interactive centers students will have a first-hand look at the danger of UV exposure and find ways to protect themselves. SunWise curriculum provided by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Wise About Eyes (4 – 5 grade only)
Children will learn what they can do to keep their eyes healthy and safe as they explore their eyes and the precious gift if sight. This program demonstrates how eyes work and shows how to protect and care for them. "Eye-Popping" demonstrations and hands-on activities will provide the student with deeper insight into the world of vision and how to play safely.

Physical Science

Get your students energized about physical science with this interactive workshop. Content includes kinetic and potential energy, light and sound energy, and energy transformation.

Matter Box
Explore solids, liquids and gases through exciting hands on experiments that captivate students as they explore that different states of matter and what causes them to change.

Technology & Math

Find out what he big deal is about something so small! Students will learn through hands-on experiments and exciting demonstration that matter behaves in unexpected ways on a very, very small scale. They will also get the opportunity to explore the new product and the ethical questions that come with them.


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