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Monday – Saturday
9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
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Closed: New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, Chistmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter

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Children (3-17) $11.50
Seniors (60+) $12.50
Adults $14.50
Children under 3 and members are FREE.
Help us create a fun, safe environment for all our visitors! Children under 16 should always be accompanied by an adult in the Museum.
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Mead Treehouse (sponsored by the Mead WestVaco Corporation Foundation)

Mead TreehouseExplore the Treehouse and learn why trees are so vital to humans while you admire the paintings on the walls and do the interactive activities. Learn about different species of trees, how to tell their age, what products are made from trees, and how humans have affected trees in the past. When you walk into the Treehouse, you can explore the inside of an apple tree and even look below the tree to see what lives underneath. Then, take a look at the cross-section of a redwood tree and track the history of the United States as you look at the rings of the tree. Discover the many different species that live in a forest by looking at the forest on the wall and learning what lives there. Learn how humans affect trees everyday by cutting them down for development or for coal production. Stop by our interactive tree, sit on a toadstool seat, and learn about trees by computer.

Then, step into the “outside” area of the Treehouse and learn what products are made from trees like rubber bands, maple syrup, and chocolate. Find out what types of wildflowers are found in the forest and how paper is made.

Mead TreehouseTake a look outside from the Treehouse and watch the beautiful, Ohio birds at our birdfeeders. You may even spy the resident Cooper’s hawk outside. It’s a great spot to just sit, relax, and watch the birds. You can even volunteer to participate in Project FeederWatch, a national program through the Cornell Lab of Ornithology that utilizes the public to watch birds at their feeders and turn in the data for scientific study. You can help us out by coming in once or twice a week to watch the birds outside and collect data. You would be part of a huge scientific study! If you are interested, call Donna Lewis, the Assistant Curator of Biology, at x114. For more information on how you can conduct this study at home, check out You can also help us monitor our bluebird houses by the Coovert Pond, located near the front parking lot. Let us know if you are interested.

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  • Kids' Playce is currently under construction. Look for brand new additions to this exhibit starting in the fall through early 2016!

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