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Closed: New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, Chistmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter

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Children (3-17) $11.50
Seniors (60+) $12.50
Adults $14.50
Children under 3 and members are FREE.
Help us create a fun, safe environment for all our visitors! Children under 16 should always be accompanied by an adult in the Museum.
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Permanent Exhibits

Oscar Boonshoft Science Central

Oscar Boonshoft Science CentralConstruct a perfect pinecone birdfeeder! Get in a sticky situation by concocting some gooey slime. Make it snow in August! In Oscar Boonshoft Science Central, hands-on science makes everything possible—and fun.

Do Lab

Is science your favorite subject? If so, then you need to pay a visit to the Do Lab. Here, a knowledgeable staff member from the Education Department will lead you through all kinds of gross, fun, and startling interactive science experiments. One day, you may make a baggie full of slime; on another trip, you may go home with some homemade snow, even if it’s the middle of summer! No matter what experiment you and your child perform, you’re sure to have fun in the Do Lab, where education and entertainment mesh perfectly—and where understanding science becomes the cool thing to do.

Bernoulli Blower

Have you ever seen a ball completely suspended in midair, with no visible cords, poles, or plates making it balance? If not, stop by the Bernoulli Blower—and prepare to be amazed. Here, simply place a ball over the Blower, and watch as it floats right before your eyes. The Bernoulli Blower focuses a stream of air, allowing you to suspend balls in midair. If the air stream moves, the ball moves right along with it, still perfectly suspended. In this exhibit, you and your child will learn about the properties of air molecules in an exciting, interactive way.


A visit to the Gravitron exhibit will offer you an engaging, interactive way to explore the principles of motion and matter. Here, make a track out of interlocking tubes, then drop a ball into the track and see how long it rolls. There’s a timer that resets itself with every ball-drop, and the goal is to keep the ball in motion for the longest time possible. Make new tracks over and over again until you reach the longest time you can. While you’re having fun, your child will be learning basic principles of motion and matter. As the Gravitron sign explains, your child will familiarize him or herself with materials, practice controlling objects, and predict how objects will behave when subjected to energy and forces.

Roller Balls

A visit to the Roller Balls exhibit will actually take you upstairs and downstairs at the same time, so be sure that you have a partner ready to help! At this exhibit, one person stays on the first floor and chooses a ball to send to a partner waiting upstairs, using a rope pulley system. The upstairs partner will receive the ball, record its mass, launch the ball back downstairs, and record the time it takes for the ball to reach the first floor again. Try this again and again, record your findings, discover the relationship between mass and speed, and strengthen cooperation and teamwork skills.

Construction Zone

Has your child expressed an interest in construction or architecture? If so, then the Construction Zone is a must-see area of That Kids Playce. Here, your child can experience firsthand the entire construction process, from designing and building to demolition. First, your child can dress up in the part of an architect by donning a hard hat and a tool belt. Next, he or she can make a drawing of the building that needs to be constructed. Finally, your child will put together his or her building with screws, bolts, and wood pieces. Some tools are provided, but the Construction Zone poses a challenge to all who desire to build: Which is easier, constructing something with your hands or with tools? Spend some time in the Construction Zone and find out!

Color Wall

In this semi-enclosed room on the first floor, fun, catchy music plays while a rainbow of colors slips across a special screen, the "Color Wall". Kids of all ages enter to dance and move in front of the screen, and an amazing thing happens—your form blocks out the colors moving across the Color Wall, so your shadow moves right along with you, right in front of you! At the Color Wall, experience the phenomenon of color recognition and detection—and learn a few things about rhythm, too.

Water TableWater Table

Curving around a large area of the first floor is the Water Table, a fully interactive exhibit where your child can begin to learn some basic principles about water and its properties. As a sign in the exhibit explains, by playing with water, your child learns how to predict how liquids respond to gravity and the forces of push and pull.

Water play also teaches your child about pressure, motion, critical thinking, and problem solving. Here, by manipulating water, you can learn what sinks, what floats, what moves slowly, and what moves quickly; your child will gain a basic understanding of both water’s properties and also how to work with those properties, as they strive to construct devices that stay afloat in the Water Table.

Manipulative Area

In the Manipulative Area of Science Central, you and your child will learn about points, lines, and curves through rubber band art! A large pegboard is set up with stretchy bands of fabric below the pegs, and your goal is to create shapes and designs on the pegboard by stretching the fabric bands from one peg to another. Here, you will explore the fundamentals of shape formation; according to the sign in the Manipulative Area, all lines and curves are made of series of points, and all shapes are made of curves and lines. In the Manipulative Area, what kinds of lines, curves, and shapes will you make, using only bands and pegs? Design your own, or follow the patterns provided for you.

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Under Construction

  • Kids' Playce is currently under construction. Look for brand new additions to this exhibit starting in the fall through early 2016!

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