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Monday – Saturday
9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
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Closed: New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, Chistmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter

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Children (3-17) $11.50
Seniors (60+) $12.50
Adults $14.50
Children under 3 and members are FREE.
Help us create a fun, safe environment for all our visitors! Children under 16 should always be accompanied by an adult in the Museum.
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Current Exhibits

Extreme Deep

Extreme Deep: Mission to the Abyss
Showing in the Main Exhibit Hall, Boonshoft Museum of Discovery Dayton
Opening January 16
Discover abandoned ships, deep sea creatures, geologic features and the science that brings it all to the surface. Extreme Deep: Mission to the Abyss uses the power of technology, chemistry, biology, and geology to solve the mysteries of the deep, where no human has ventured. Because the Earth is 71% water, there are unimaginable things hidden on the ocean's floor just waiting to be explored! Experience new lifeforms, thermal vents, close-up views of deep-sea research submersibles, shipwrecks, like the Titanic, and much more---there may even be a real-life shark or two!


Sponsored by: Vectren, Dependable Construction & Remodeling, and Corals Galore.

Cut From the Same Cloth

rotators 9 1510Cut from the Same Cloth
Showing in Fraze Gallery, Boonshoft Museum of Discovery Dayton
Opens October 10, 2016

From ancient fabrics to the high fashion runways of today, textiles have long allowed people to express both their cultural and individual identities. Discover the history and science behind the development of various textiles, feel fabric samples and compare them to the raw materials they are made from, and view a selection of clothing from cultures around the Earth.

Whether created by knitting, weaving or felting, many of the fragile items available for viewing in this exhibition have never been on display. The exhibition will feature a diverse range of artifacts, including: Chinese silk dresses, Japanese kimonos, Native American dresses, Turkmen robes, Peruvian ponchos, African Kente cloth, Indian sarees, and more!

Support for this exhibition provided by:
The Kettering Fund
Ohio Humanities
Friends of the Dayton Society of Natural History
Angela and Jamey Clouse

John Wolf

This special exhibition is internally curated by the Collections Department at the Dayton Society of Natural History.

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  • Kids' Playce is currently under construction. Look for brand new additions to this exhibit starting in the fall through early 2016!

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